Honoring My Father

In honor of Father’s day, I decided to write a blog post all about him. I’m the oldest of eight children, three of them my full biological siblings (I say biological because I don’t like calling my siblings half). I could say so much about the man who I call Dad. Throughout the years he’s managed to provide love and care to each and every one of us without favoring anyone, yet still manages to personalize his love. He takes the time and effort we need to keep that relationship we had as children.
I remember growing up, I used to be the first person awake, especially on weekends. If my dad was home from work, he would sit downstairs and play video games. I would go and sit on the couch and watch him, though I promise you I can’t remember a single game by name. It was nice, sitting in silence, knowing I didn’t have to call him to talk to him.
As I got older, this turned into us going to the grocery store to get breakfast food to cook. We’d always have a conversation,  something concrete, rather than the quick 15 seconds on the phone.
Now that I’m completely put of the house, I go to my dad all the time for advice, and just to talk. He is my father, first and foremost, but he’s also my friend, my confidante, and a man I look  up to on a daily basis.
This is not the first father’s day we’ve been apart, but this is the first one we’ve had since I left for college. I feel so lucky to have this man, who’s been nothing short of a plethora of knowledge. So this is for you, Dad. Thank, Biscuit Head, for all those years, those talks and arguments, the punishments. All of them made me the strong young woman I am today, and you and I both know there is nothing I can never say or do that will even repay what you’ve done. I would like to say you’re the best dad, but I feel like that’s too cliché, so I’ll just say that you’re a really good dad, and that no matter what I know you respect my decisions, and I’m far too lucky to have you.



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