Blackout Day: Summer 2015

So, I’m pretty sure that most people didn’t know, but in addition to it being father’s day and the first day of summer, it was also Blackout Day! For those of you missed the first blackout day and don’t know what I mean, let me break it down. Blackout day, formed by a group of people on Tumblr, decided that they were tired of going on to their social media forums and not seeing faces like them, aside from the negative ones that the media loves to show. The first one was in the beginning of March, and it was beautiful. It was so beautiful, getting to see so many melanated people have the confidence to post pictures of themselves. It was a small gesture, but it was a reassuring thing, encouraging me to keep going rather than secede to the numbness that has started to take over.

This blackout day, being that it was summer and I had very few friends on campus to share this day to just chilling out by the pool all Sunday, despite all the little kids running around for Father’s day. Luckily, I had been invited to a little cookout that some students from a near by university were having. I took probably one picture of me, but we had a really good time. There were probably about ten of us total, but it was so refreshing gathering around, eating, and sharing our stories. I don’t think I would forget something like that.

Thankfully, for those of you who missed it, there will be another one in the fall. What did you do this weekend? Did you get to spend time with your father? Leave me a comment, let me know. Thanks for reading!


P.S.: I now have a Facebook page and a Tumblr for this blog. Feel free to follow me @ educated black girl on both sites!


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