The Confederate flag….

There are so many things I could say about this issue. Which is why I’ve decided to break this topic into two posts. This first one will be concerning all of those idiots who would like to defend it.

I’ve spent my entire week going through and blocking anyone who decides to put up the Confederate flag and then attempt to tell me why I shouldn’t be offended by it. But one picture really took the cake. It was satire, of course, talking about how South Carolina is going to ban Tylenol in bottles because picking the cotton reminds people of racism. But when someone who I was friends with decided to take things further and talk about how she should be offended by gang signs and sagging pants if people were going to be upset about the Confederate flag, and that “colored people” bitch too much, I couldn’t stand it.

You’re offended by gangs, which, of course have killed white people as well as people of other races, which deserves to be punished. But gangs never hung white people and tarred and feathered them. Gangs don’t continue to hold white people in jail or from jobs, or calls them “beaners,” or “niggers” or “insurgents”, etc. You cannot begin to compare gangs and sagging pants with a flag that was flown to kill people and justify it simply because they did not like the melanin in their skin.

A flag may be used to symbolize many things. And if you truly want to honor you so called Southern pride that you cling to, then why didn’t you go to the original Confederate flag and fly that? My sympathy does not go to these people who continue to justify this flag that remains an ugly part of history. It goes to all the people who have died and will die in the name of that flag.


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