Silence Amongst the Black Churches Burning

I’ve been holding back on this occurrence not because I’ve been afraid to post it, but because I was waiting for all the talk about Obama singing Amazing Grace to die down and for this to be brought up. But it wasnt, and I’m honestly not surprised. At this rate,  I’d be more surprised if it was brought up and covered.

As of the time of me writing this there have been eight churches that have been burned to the ground, only one not ruled as an arson. In the past couple of weeks since the Charleston shooting. Of course, with all the PR bullshit going around about how the country works to care about all lives and how the terrorist did not reflect an entire country, they wouldn’t dare bring up the fact that they were wrong.

This is not isolated by far. Just like the terrorist, this was backed by a very long history of church burnings and bombings for over 200 years, yet most of the country would like to ignore that this is connected to race. Just because this fact makes you uncomfortable means that you can pretend it doesn’t exist. This stuff isn’t meant to be comfortable. It wasn’t comfortable having spaces worked to death with no rights and then have their ancestors be blamed for being poor and lazy. It’s not comfortable having three Muslim students killed simply because some crazy ass white guy didn’t like their religion.  It isn’t comfortable having Donald Trump calling Mexican people lazy and rapists. It isn’t comfortable for any of the families whose loved ones died in Charleston.
Comfort equals laziness and content. We have been fighting for so long with so much push back that si many of us have settled and gotten comfortable with the scraps of human rights that wee thrown to us to distract us. We would rather forgive racists who want us gone because we have too much melanin, than get justifiably angry about it.
Anger is necessary. It’s what fuels our adrenaline to keep us alive. The complacency that we cling to is being taken from us once more. The terrorist called for a race war, but as Talib Kweli  pointed out, this isn’t a war. Black and brown people have not retaliated in any sort of way, where as these churches continue to burn. It is our job to stop letting them police our thoughts, and stop letting them tell us how to be in pain. We can only grow stronger and when someone decides that enough is enough,  only then will we gain the respect that we desire.


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