The Hypocrisy of Some People of Color

Once again, I was on Facebook looking for something substantial that piqued my interest. And as usual, I found it yet again. This time in the form of a meme.


Now, I have a sense of humor and can take jokes that are politically and racially charged. However, this is not a joke. This is someone’s true thoughts and it has been accepted as true by many.

I often get criticized on the inclusivity of other people of color when I discuss the plight of black people, which makes a lot of sense, as their struggles follow a similar time frame and continues even today. But it’s memes and thoughts such as these they make me question if they include me the way I include them. I went from livi k g in a predominantly white suburb to living in a low – income area with predominantly black and Hispanic bodies. At my school, I found myself still the minority, and I graduated as the only black girl in my clads, with the majority of the students being of Latino descent. I didn’t try to insert myself and adapt to their culture too much, but at one point I joined a group that focused on getting the DREAM Act into action. I would not try to speak on their behalf as I know that while their struggle resembles mine, I cannot live their lives and experience what they do fully, as they cannot do with mine.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the president of the USA, I was disgusted by his words like many others. He called an entire group out and claimed they were lazy and rapists to pull his votes up with the Republican party and to affirm that he is not alone in his thoughts. I didn’t take it personally as I clearly could not, because it is not my place. I did, however, think about the classmates and teachers of mine who had been affected by this. Being a part of that school, I’ve seen many of my classmates forced to work multiple jobs, which wasn’t easy with our 8:30-5:20 class days. I’ve seen many students transfer or drop out for this reason and for others that relate. I’ve seen families who stick together and contribute altogether because someone had to watch the kids, and sometimes their parents were working too much to do it. Many of my classmates were good natured and made the best of it, but it still leaves a lot to be said about how they operate in the world now. Donald Trump reducing an entire race of people to people who are simply lazy and rapists is completely uncalled for. As a result, Trump has been dropped by many corporations, including Univision. He will very likely reach another bankruptcy soon at the rate he is going, which he deserves for using these hateful thoughts of his to win over politically conservative groups of people. However, this picture is a dark spot. Nothing ever goes without being nuanced, and this is a very good example. There are so many facets of racism and oppression that there are obviously going to differ between people, and there are a lot of different right answers and a lot of different wrong answers. This picture above, while I am very happy to see the rapid drop in support for Donald Trump, I found it very unnecessary t bash those people protesting in areas throughout the country. Just because a group of people take a different type of action does not make another group better. Downplaying another group’s fight simply because you don’t agree with their rights doesn’t make you any better. We, as groups of oppressed people, do not need to belittle other groups without power. That solves nothing. We need to stand in solidarity. Help each other up. In tearing each other down it only goes to help those in power, which we are all fighting against. We need to be aware of each other’s struggles and movements and do what we can to support. Solidarity is what those in power are afraid of, as it is one of the only ways our revolts are going to gain traction and succeed.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading!



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