WARNING: Do Not Engage with those Who Are Still Asleep

I’ve spoken about this a little in my previous posts, but this really has been getting to me as of late. For those who are aware of the knowledge that has been pushed under the rug in hopes of perpetuating racism-white supremacy, you are also aware of the concept of being woke versus being asleep. My dad introduced this concept to me through The Matrix.
The Matrix was a movie about a man coming to find out that the life he lived was an illusion, and thar his job was to train and take down the entire stsyem. He had the help of those who were also out of the Matrix,  but was told that those who haven’t been removed from the Matrix were a possible agent of the Matrix and could not be trusted. The goal of those pulled from the Matrix were to take down the system.

The way my dad taught me, the Matrix resembles the system of racism-white supremacy that is secretly in most things we partake in in this country. Being aware of the knowledge that has been covered up by the Eurocentric teachings that were thrust upon us from kindergarten on up is only the beginning. You become awake to the things that are going on and why they are more significant. And you have to figure out a way to make it better, because it’s going to continue unless you take the problem my the handles and fix it head on. Growing up, I loved reading about Black history, because I knew that these were people who were like me, people who wouldn’t be taught about in class, but were still important to know about. My history is what makes me, and knowing as much I can about it is what keeps me going. This blog is my way of spreading what knowledge I pick up and my way of staying humble as I come to realize that I will never know everything about everything, and that there’s always somewhere else to go to learn.

Talking to people who are still asleep is not advisable. If you’ve ever had an interaction as a person of color with someone who has tried to invalidate your experiences or deny how serious the experiences of your people are then you understand the micro aggressions that come from people who are uneducated or not wanting to come to terms with the seriousness of such topics. Talking with these people is only productive to an extent. I used to do that all the time, thinking that maybe someone will wake up and realize that I’m not lying about something, that I talk about is true, but I get so disappointed when they continue to argue with me, no matter how many sources I cite. It becomes more of a draining process, especially if it’s someone you love and you thought you could trust.

Trusting people becomes a dangerous sentiment when also studying the history that isn’t readily available to you, and you must realize that not everyone you are close to is someone you can trust, and not everyone you know is ready to wake up.



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