Another Instance of Police Brutality… But where Are the #AllLivesMatter People?

There has been another instance of police brutality, and none of that surprises me. What I am confused about is where are the protestors who are so much about “All Lives Matter”?

Zachary Hammond, 19, was on a date with Tori Morton, 23, on July 26th when the police arrested Morton for possession of police brutality. Hammond received two shots, one in the shoulder and one in the torso.

This is such a tragic story, and the parents and friends are now fighting for justice for his son, but they seem to behaving a lot less help from the community.

From the coverage I have seen, it’s rather limited. His parents have been asking the same questions that need to be asked: where is the body camera footage? Did they shoot because he was attempting to flee, or was he truly a threat to the police? This young man was killed over a minor marijuana sting operation, a situation that resembles many of these instances of police brutality.

I am just as upset as I have been with the past instances of police brutality; an unarmed man was killed in a situation that was so unnecessary. His death could have easily been avoided and de-escalated. By my question is, where are all the All Lives Matter people?

Now, I am certainly going to fight for the justice of his life just as I have fought for all the others who have died before their time, but I am wondering where the protestors who want to let everyone over and over that we are all the human race. We are all the same biologically, yes, but the implications of race have run deep for far too long, and the death of Zachary Hammond and the lack of appropriate outrage speaks volumes.

Police brutality is not simply a black thing, though it does occur disproportionately to black people. All people of all races have experienced police brutality, but it’s never such a spectacle when it isn’t black people have been killed. Police have been taking advantage of their power for so long and they will continue to because they know that they will get away with things as long as they remain unchecked.

I care about the death of Zachary Hammond, as I know that it could easily happen to me, but I wish that he didn’t have to die for people to care about the lives of others.

If all lives matter, then you should take a look at yourself and wonder why you protested the previous deaths.



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