Traveling Update!

So this is probably going to be a lot shorter than I anticipated. Greyhound is completely unreliable with Internet, and I am reduced to typing this out on my iPhone. I told myself I was going to write everyday, so this is today’s post.
I don’t really have a specific topic today. Not that I don’t have a whole list of things I could go to, but it’s just that I want to not think right now. Have you ever had one of those days, where you feel like you’re exhausted mentally and just don’t want to think anymore? Being on this bus with limited internet is certainly a challenge, but it’s also time for myself. I get to do whatever I want for the next couple of days and almost completely unplug.

I’m on my way to Austin, TX to go visit my family, who I haven’t seen in almost two years, and I can’t wait. I get to go see all my siblings, both my parents, and possibly go get my retainer (haha, thanks, Mom). I’m also heading to Austin for the ACL Music Festival. It will definitely be chaotic, but I am lucky to have this opportunity.

I’ve just been listening to podcasts for most of the trip so far. The Black Guy Who Tips, Undisclosed, and the Serial Dynasty have been my main three. I have to have my laughter in the midst of trying to find the truth for Adnan (if anyone who reads this actually gets what I just said, I will very much appreciate you).

I realize this post has been a lot of nothing, but when writing about heavy, serious things, it’s good to take some time to just write about nothing. I’ll post again tomorrow, maybe with something, maybe with another rambling post. Let me know how your day has been going or what podcasts you listen to, or if you think Adnan or Jay is guilty.



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