Pro-Life, Pro-Birth, and Body Autonomy

This is another post that is sure to ruffle a few feathers , but I could not hold back with all the things going on with U.S. Congress and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has been known to provide health care, sex education, counseling and more not just for women but men as well, with special intent to help those in low income communities. Thanks to the doctored videos that were put out to show that Planned Parenthood takes the baby parts of the feti it aborts, Planned Parenthood has become known infamously and incorrectly as a baby killer site all over America.

I remember in high school being told that if we needed birth control, condoms, sex education, or even std tests, Planned Parenthood would be the place to go. Texas advocates more for abstinence learning, but thankfully my high school decided to give us comprehensive sex education classes from Planned Parenthood. Not only did they discuss abstinence, but they also gave us the information we need to understand sexually transmitted infections and diseases, many forms of birth control, consensual sex, side effects, and more. Planned Parenthood also gives out contraception at low prices, as well as refers women to offices if they themselves cannot perform the service.

But here we have Congress and presidential presidents clinging to a doctored video created by a pro life group with the agenda of pushing pro life laws into the government. These videos have already been debunked so many times, yet it is my right to make decisions for my body is still being compromised based on that and the agenda of the those who claim to be followers of the Bible.

If we look at the Bible, it actually advocates abortion, but I’m not going to pit verse for verse, because I believe that is wholly unnecessary. If you believe in God and you believe in the Bible, then you should hold Matthew 7:1-6, which talks about judging.

For those of you who aren’t Christian, or aren’t even religious, think of it this way. We live in a world where it’s pretty much embarrassing for men to buy women tampons and pads. This is an obvious sign of immaturity, yet we sit here and we take men’s word for women and their reproductive rights.

I’ve heard so many debates about what should be done, and even when there is information presented that disproves the doctored videos, we find ourselves being told that because they view the clump of cells in my life that Planned Parenthood should be defunded because it allows for abortion. It infuriates me hearing this. So because a group of people believe something, then it should be law? This is the reason there is the separation of church and state. We live in this world where a fetus that has yet to be born is given more care than the bodies who carry it.

Body integrity is the inviolability of the physical body and emphasizes the importance of personal autonomy and the self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. This is the concept that allows for you to refuse the right to donate blood or other organs, even when you die. Yet women are now being told by a bunch of people, guys especially that because, in their eyes, you are carrying life, you cannot abort that path. This is a very racist, classist, and misogynistic practice. When these people speak against women, they assume that everyone has the same privileges. Planned Parenthood was set up to specifically help lower income people with not just reproductive affairs, but general healthcare as well.  And because we still live in a segregated country, those who live in lower income areas are mostly minorities. Taking a look at Congress and the House of Representatives, the main demographic is older white heterosexual men. And while that used to encompass who makes up our country, that has changed, and we should be mirroring those changes in every way possible. But we wont, because those in that position continue to benefit from these practices, as well as many who support them.

When people look at abortion they look at it through the eyes of family minded people. Abortion gets rid of another potential amazing child, and weakens the family. But not all people who are family minded have the ability to see things that way. And not everyone is family minded. Telling women that they should continue on the path with their child is automatically telling them that their right to choose what they do with their lives aren’t as valued as men.  Abortion often only includes the women, but it doesn’t account for the men who are just as responsible. If we are going to restrict women’s right to healthcare, then we need to also understand that it can and will very much affect the men. This society complains and blames single mothers, the need to live with government assistance, yet we do nothing to aid the problems. Women are responsible for reproducing and they reserve thee individual right to choose, because men are given that same privilege. You cannot do for half what you cannot do for all.



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