So I have written in the past about my makeup and I realize that I haven’t really been sharing my looks with everyone on the blog, and I’ve only just started vlogging. I thought I would start a new beauty section of my blog where I’ll share makeup, looks, and more.

So if you haven’t already, feel free to add me on
Instagram, and follow my YouTube channel. You can find me at my handle, Educated Black Girl, and I’ll add a link to my about me page.  I may start Snapchat? Let me know if you guys want me to jump onto that as well. Today is a short post because I literally spent almost all day without my computer, and the time I have had it, I’ve used it to finish my midterm for my 8:30 am class. So next full blog will be coming tomorrow, my vlog channel updates everyday, and I try to keep the Facebook page updated as well. Thank you guys so much for following me, and I hope I can get to interact with you guys more!



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