Increase in Durham County Jail Deaths Brings Community Together

Members of Matthew McCain’s family lead the march from the Durham CCB Plaza to the Durham County Jail.

In the past year alone, there have been at least 3 people who have died in the custody of the Durham County Jail. The families of those dead have been facing many roadblocks when it comes to getting information on how it happened. The Durham County Jail refuses to release answers, prolonging their grief, and furthermore, highlighting the lack of care that the jail and Durham police holds toward our citizens.

The protest held on January 30th brought together organizers, activists, people from the community, and families of Matthew McCain and Dennis McMurray, two men who have died in the jail’s custody as of late.

Group of protesters marching downtown Durham holding various banners and signs.




Once at the jail, many read the letters of the current inmates and made noise to let inmates know they supported them and that they were not forgotten.


In addition, they listened to the accounts of people who have family members currently inside the jail, as well as the family members of Dennis McMurray and Matthew McCain.

The Inside Outside Alliance, along with the Durham Jail Investigation Team are demanding a community-led investigations of the public jails, to provide a better look at the situation, and to allow for the prisoners’ thoughts and voices to be heard.


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