I used Egg in my hair as a protein treatment and here’s what happened

I love my hair as much as the next girl, and since I have decided to grow my hair out after going through my big chop (over one year ago, update coming soon), I figured that as long as I’m going through the wait, I might as well have fun along the way. Since my big chop, I’ve mostly kept my hair in protective styles for the sake of mainly growth, which has been fun in itself. Discovering yarn as extension options, doing my own hair (a complete adventure by itself), going from one hairstyle to another in a span of months, sometimes even weeks… The longer it’s been since my BC, the happier I grow with my hair. Not only am I seeing length return, but I also get to see the return of my natural curls, and this go around, I get to enjoy it as is, without feeling the need to relax it (note: not a jab at those who have relaxer, I just like my hair naturally for now).

Bringing in 2016, my hair is now reaching the point where I can do actual hairstyles that are easier for me that I couldn’t do with shorter hair. I also decided that this year I would be bolder in my search for more natural (and cheap) hair products that actually do well for my hair. Say hello to the Internet.

I have been in need of a protein treatment and being in an area where cafes and coffee shops are all the rage, I found myself in a hair desert, with the nearest beauty supply store being about an hour’s walk away. So I resigned myself to the much more accessible option: do it yourself with what you have in the kitchen.

Being a college student, I don’t usually have too much in my kitchen, and my fridge is almost perpetually empty. I was happy to find that there was something I could use that was definitely within my means and my reach: eggs. Having had a previous experience with an attempt of diy hair products (who said eggs and mayo would smell decently enough to even put near your head?), I went into this very cautiously. I was afraid that this protein treatment would leave my hair hard and disgusting, and worst of all, just as dry as when I first started. So, since I still had an egg left over, I figured the only sensible thing to do would be to try it, and put aside my reservations.

From searching through the web, I found that there are a few ways you can do this. I decided to beat the egg, and just massage it carefully though sections of my hair until everything from root to tip was covered in egg. It was very sticky, and smelled a little weird, but not as bad as the egg and mayo combined, so I couldn’t complain too much. Then I let it sit for about an hour, until it started to get hard. This part felt a little counterintuitive, as you wouldn’t want to let your hair get hard, but I was kind of relying on the website for guidance, so I realize it could be wrong.

Rinsing it out was definitely my favorite part, mainly because I didn’t want my hair to be hard. I wanted the opposite, and although I had a lot of doubt, I was seriously hoping that it would maybe even slightly help it.

Upon letting it air dry, I noticed a little bit more softness than I had before, and I did see that it helped my hair hold up a little more. Unfortunately, it did not pass my front-hair test (explanation coming soon), so I was a little bit sad, but everything else turned out okay.

Would I recommend it? I’m not sure? Everyone’s hair is different and reacts in different ways, but I would say that this is probably more oriented toward those with thinner hair, and those who only need a minor touch up in protein. For those like me, whose hair is thirsty as hell, this trick is probably not going to give you the drastic difference you were hoping for, and you may need to elevate a notch.



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