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Purple Scarf

Dark purple scarf. Approx. 65 in. 100% acrylic


Price- $20, plus s&h*

Crochet beanies

Multiple colors available; below shown in mint and white, can fit medium and large volumes of hair, 100% acrylic


Price- $20 plus s&h

Purple Handmade Old Shale Shawl


Price- $65, plus s&h


Rose Heather Throw Blanket

Deep rose/purple throw blanket, wool-acrylic blend


Price- $200 plus s&h


16 in. Black crochet doll in dress

100% acrylic, stuffed with fiber-fill


Price- $25 plus s&h

13″ mint teddy bear


Price- $15, plus s&h


14″ Pink Teddy bear


Price- $18, plus s&h


12″ x 12″ landscape piece

Handmade acrylic piece


Price- $60 plus s&h

Handmade 12″ x 12″ piece

Handmade acrylic piece


Price- $60 plus s&h

Handmade 12″ x 16″ acrylic piece

100% acrylic landscape


Price- $120 plus s&h

*all items are available for local pickup- if not shown in link, please message me



My Mission

My mission is to make knitted, crocheted, and personally design pieces accessible and welcoming for everyone. Watching the Etsy move, I’ve seen increasingly the amount of handmade crafts available. However, there is a distinct lack in people-of-color owned stores, and even less Black Etsy store owners. I want to allow for an ethical source of handmade goods for everyone, especially Black people.

As someone who takes up many intersecting identities, I understand how difficult it is to find somewhere that caters specifically to different prices while maintaining good quality. As a vendor, I aim to uphold the upmost quality for all of my products.

In addition, I am committed to making sure that everyone has the same chance to afford my items. I do payment programs, as well as working out alternatives for people who may not be able to afford quality items but still have that desire.

*If you are a QPOC, especially a Black QPOC, and see something for sale or want something commissioned and don’t have the funds, please message me and we’ll work it out. You deserve nice, affirming things too!

My first and only priority in this is the people, including you. What you want, I’m here for!