I’ve had this set up on eBay, but I thought it would be nice to officially have a home for this. I have decided to sell some of my art and handmade crafts. Below are some F.A.Q.s and answers.

Why now?

Growing up, I was always taught the importance of learning, especially when it was related to academia. However, I was also raised on the understanding that having creativity was also important. Growing up as a black child, the world often teaches us that we are not allowed to express our creativity and that hard work geared toward maths and sciences would lead us to success.

With this store, I want to buck against that, and not only show kids, but to provide a space where people of all ages can come and see that creativity and skill building is valuable outside of school.

Who is this for?

I’m making this store not only for me to sell things, but for people of all ages to find something that resonates with them and make their own stories. We all deserve something gentleness and something crafted with you especially in mind, and that is always my priority.

What materials do I use?

I use yarn, ribbons, buttons, paint, and more to create the works I do. Some of the materials may vary with each piece, and that will usually be due to wanting to tweak the materials ever so slightly. If you have questions about how an item will interact with your environment, please feel free to message me at any time.

Where do I get my materials?

Most of my stuff is locally sourced from community businesses, and everything you find will be handmade.

What if I cannot afford an item, but still want it?

If you are looking at a piece that you want from the shop but are unable to afford it in full at the time, please message me, and we can work out a payment program. My items, while they are for sale, are geared to be accessible to people at any price range.

Can I get something custom-made?

If you’re looking for something made custom, feel free to send me an email and we can work out pricing and such.

How do I get in contact?

If you have any concerns or questions, you can reach me at